CDIPS Data Science Workshop FAQ

How much does the workshop cost?
The workshop is completely free! Our funding comes from VSPA.


Who is eligible to participate? 
Any Berkeley/LBNL graduate student, postdoc, or visiting scholar is eligible. You do not have to be in the physical sciences. Unfortunately, we are not able to admit participants from other groups.


How selective is the workshop? What are your selection criteria?
Last year we received approximately 100 applications, and had 34 participants. We select the workshop participants based on how much we feel you will contribute to the workshop. We’re looking for people who are good team players and have a baseline knowledge of statistics and programming (but by no means do you have to be an expert).


Will I be able to continue my research while participating in the workshop?

Yes, but you should commit at least 20 hours per week to your data science project. The only fixed time commitments are the opening and closing ceremonies (Saturday, July 15 and Saturday, August 5 afternoon-evening on campus). We are planning site visits and talks as well – these are encouraged but not mandatory.